Beauties in Business 1:1 Engagement Coaching

Beauties in Business 1:1 Engagement Coaching

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Brand engagement is the process of building an emotional and intellectual bond between a consumer and a brand. 

Do you struggle with engagement on Facebook or Instagram ?

Are you a new business owner who doesn’t know how to engage your target audience?

Overwhelmed with me what to post and when?

Struggling with your social media presence?

Need assistance in building a voice through the social media world?

Want guidance in building your brand?

Or do you simply want to pick my brain?

This is for your!!!

***Once paid you will receive a Questionnaire email in reference to your brand. This must be completed prior to setting an appointment  to confirm your date and time avail for a meeting whether face to face or over the phone.

Submit your Questionnaire to

Once received you will be invited to a private Facebook group for you to join!! 

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